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The Caftan Clique

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The Caftan Clique was created to celebrate the modern woman pursuing a life enriched by travel, fashion, and new experiences by Meredyth - an Atlanta-based mama and former fashion stylist for film and TV. Her blog indulges your wanderlust with in-depth profiles, visuals and links to the latest in travel and resort wear. Together with Meredyth, we devised how to organize her blog while making it easy for her to add more and more content and stay connected with subscribers through curated emails.

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“With her knowledge and expertise, Kara really took the look of my website to the next level. She made CaftanClique.com much more professional and polished. She is a very creative, talented designer who is also technically savvy. She made a lot of excellent suggestions that we implemented to the site. She is very responsive, getting back to me in a timely manner and performing any changes I need quickly. I highly, highly recommend Kara.”
— Meredyth Owen, Blogger | The Caftan Clique thecaftainclique.com