Branding package:  starting at $1,400

Branding is more than just a logo, it’s an experience. It is a visual representation of your business and lays the foundation for everything you have to offer. Your brand should tell your story and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Here is what’s included:

  • Custom Logo Design
    To begin, I take each of my clients through a design questionnaire to better understand their business, vision and design needs. Up to three logo concepts with two rounds of revisions of the favorite will be presented in a variety of applications in order to visualize your brand’s usage in real life.

  • Social Media Images
    To showcase your brand to the world, you’ll receive profile and cover image sets for all your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

  • Email signature and business card
    A custom designed signature and business card so you can look legit.

  • Brand style guide
    A document that outlines your logo, colors and typography for an easy reference.

  • All the files
    A folder filled with all of your brand goodies, such as: alternate logos, original artwork (vector art), as well as jpgs, pngs and any other format you may need.

*Please note that I am not involved in naming your business. Clients come to me with a name already chosen and legally verified. If you are in need of naming help, I can help refer you to someone.

If you need other materials that aren't included in this package (i.e. brochure, signage, etc), let me know and we can price out a plan catered to your needs. If you’d rather finalize the logo first, we can tackle your other design needs down the road.

Web Design: starting at $1,200

Your website is your brand’s home on the internet. It should be visually cohesive, inviting and easy to navigate. It can be the first place potential new customer interact with your business.

I specialize in Squarespace websites for a number of reasons.

  1. It is very user-friendly. The back end of the site is very easy to navigate which means you can make future updates without calling on your developer.  I feel confident handing a site over to clients to maintain on their own.

  2. It is design driven with a variety of themes that can be adjusted to your needs with the ability to be customized to your brand’s style.

  3. It is performance focused. Each website is fully responsive and comes with built-in analytics (you can also connect to Google Analytics). Unlike other platforms, you’ll never have to update software, plugins, widgets, or worry about security issues.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Installation & Set-up
    Installation and set-up of a Squarespace website. This will include choosing a theme that best suits you and your business needs.

  • Five Pages Designed
    Home, about, contact, work and services. Additional pages available and can be adjusted based on your needs.

  • Website Tutorial
    When your site is complete, you will receive custom written directions and screenshots on how to manage your site going forward. If you need assistance after the site is launched, I won’t leave you hanging. I’m happy to help with further edits at my hourly rate of $100/hour.

  • All The Files
    A folder of everything you may need to update your site at ease down the road.

*Note: this price does not include Squarespace fees. Check out the different pricing plans here. If you already have a domain you can easily connect it from a third party (such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc.)


I'd be happy to send you a quote based on my hourly rate of $100/hour.

Take note - I do not do:

  • SEO: I do not specialize in SEO strategy plans, but if you’re looking for someone to do keyword research, linking, or local SEO, I can help you find them!

  • Writing: Trust me when I say, you do not what me to write your website copy. I do know some great copywriters if you need recommendations.

  • Photography: If you don’t have any photos or if the ones you have are poor quality, I highly recommend hiring a photographer and can help you find one. If that’s not in your budget, I can find appropriate stock images or graphics instead.

Print design: $100/hour

Do you already have a logo and just need help developing your look? I’d love to work with you. We will start by figuring out the scope of work and quote an estimate based on my hourly rate of $100/hour. Here are some of the ways you may consider spreading your brand’s message further: posters, postcards, advertisements, flyers, promotional items, signage, letterheads, etc.

Payment Information

All projects require a 50% design payment prior to beginning design. The remaining 50% will be expected at the completion of the project. You can either pay online with credit card, bank transfer or mail a check. If you know you have a lot of design work needed we can discuss a monthly retainer as well. Let me know and we will cater a plan to your needs.

Are you all in on taking your business to the next level? Let’s get started.