What is full service invitation and day-of design?

What is full service invitation and design, you ask?

Full service invitation and day-of design means every printed material and piece of signage is specially curated to create a comprehensive, cohesive look. I’m happy to help couples at any stage of their wedding planning whether it is designing their invitations, a ceremony program or the ever so important seating chart, but where my services are truly their best value and quality is when they are comprehensive of the entire event and curated with that intent. That means not just doing your invites, but ALL the design elements of the day from the menu, welcome bag cards and every detail in between your guests will see.

These details and designs are what personalize your wedding and create a vision for your day from when the invites arrive in your guests' mailboxes to when they see the welcome signage as they enter the ceremony space. Rather than having mixed designs from various vendors, using one designer gives a consistent tone and look for your day.

What is the vibe of your wedding? What do you want guests to feel when they arrive for your wedding?

These are important questions to ask yourself when planning your wedding and the answer can be elevated with a cohesive design. Whether you want it to feel like a big party or an intimate celebration, designing pieces that communicate that style can help set the tone for your day.

I know most people don’t live in my world of Pantone colors, paper and typefaces which is why having a graphic designer in your corner is so valuable when navigating the wedding planning world. I am in no way a wedding planner, but I have an arsenal of experience in helping couples create a visual experience and communicate effectively with their guests. Together, we can take your wedding to the next level AND make the process less stressful along that way.


I’m often asked, “do we NEED to have XYZ?” or “what’s the best way to let our guests know this?” or “when do I need to send these out by?"

I welcome these questions and is why I’m here! I will always be honest with you and help you prioritize what you absolutely need and could maybe live without. I’ve found that advice from a friend is much more valuable than anything you’ll find on the internet and I hope to be that friend when it comes to your wedding paper goods, signage and more.

More? Below is a list of items I’ve designed. Even if it’s not on paper, if it has a design on it - I’m your girl. I handle all ordering with vendors to guarantee the quality is up to my standards. In terms of signage, I work on paper (obvi), wood, acrylic and mirrors. Anything that is flat enough, I’m down.

  • Save the Dates

  • Invitation Suites

  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

  • Programs

  • Menus

  • Welcome Cards

  • Table Numbers

  • Bar Menu Sign

  • Signature Drinks Sign

  • Social Hashtag Sign

  • Cards & Gifts Sign

  • Thank You Sign

  • Favor Sign

  • Name Cards

  • Seating Chart

  • Welcome Sign

  • Guest Book Sign

  • Guest Book

  • Photo Booth Sign

  • Photo Strip Graphic

  • Family Tribute Sign

  • Mr. & Mrs. Chair Back Signs

  • Koozies

  • Snapchat Filters

  • Cocktail Napkins

  • Thank You Cards

And anything else you can think of or want! I’m open to new ideas.

One major thing I help my couples with is creating a timeline. As a gift to you, I’ve included a free timing guide for save the dates, invitations and day-of details. For more guidance on when to send everything out and wording your invitation, check out my other blog posts.

Full service design is not something everyone needs or can afford. But full service design can take the work and pressure off the couple, and allows me to provide a seamless visual experience for your guests. If full service invitation and design is something that interests you, contact me and let’s chat!