When do I mail everything?

Time to get out your calendar and start counting backwards!

Ideally, your save the dates should be mailed 6-8 months prior to the wedding. Invitations should be mailed 6-9 weeks before your wedding day. If you are having a destination wedding where most of your guests will be traveling, try to send them about 3 months before your wedding day.

After determining when to send, you’ll need to determine the deadline date for collecting responses from guests. Your response deadline should be 3-4 weeks before your wedding day. It’s important to check with your caterer as to when they need your final head count for meal planning. Since you’ll find not all guests will get their responses in on time, add a week or two to that date.

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Quiz! Say your wedding is August 25, 2018 and not a destination wedding.

  • When should you send your save the dates?

  • When should you send your invitations?

  • When should your response deadline be if your caterer needs to know your final headcount 3 weeks prior to the event?

Here’s the answers: 

  • Between January 25-March 25, 2018.

  • Between June 30-July 14, 2018.

  • Between July 14-21, 2018.

How’d you do? Below is a cheat sheet. :)


Lastly, I heard this tip from another wedding stationer: Make your deadline on a Friday. This gives your guests through the weekend to respond before you begin to follow up Monday!

Photo credit Dyanna LaMora and Rob+Kristen.

More questions about when to mail things? Feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help!