It rained on my wedding day.

And when I say rained, what I really mean is poured. Right as the buses of guests rolled in, the sky opened up. Our wedding was in late August in North Carolina. I knew it would probably be hot, but there was no chance of rain that day...until there suddenly was. Everyone always says,  "rain is good luck on your wedding day,” and that is sweet and all, but it’s not what any bride wants to happen. However, it’s not all bad.

We got married at Morning Glory Farm in Monroe, NC. We fell in in love with the venue as soon as we saw it. We actually cancelled our appointment to see another option because we knew it couldn’t be topped. We knew an outdoor wedding in August was a little risky, but it was either then or the following year when they had openings and we didn’t want to wait.

Leading up to the wedding we prepared for the heat. We bought fans, bug spray wipes, gallons of water and even had cold wash cloths in a cooler for guests. What we didn’t anticipate was the poorly timed rain storm.

Here is where we planned on getting married. So pretty, right? Although this picture wasn’t taken during our ceremony, it is still one of my favorites from the day. I love how the sky looks and how the wet stone is dewey beneath our feet.

Chris+Kara 0553-RT1_2701.jpg

Here is where we ended up getting married. After some debate, we decided to proceed with our ceremony under the tent rather than push back the ceremony. All of our guests were already seated at their tables eagerly waiting and we were ready to do the damn thing. Yes, it wasn’t what we planned or hoped for, but we actually loved how intimate it was. Instead of being up on a stage in front of all our guests, we felt surrounded by them. 

Photo cred:  Rob+Kristen

If you don’t think you want or need a day-of coordinator, now is the time where I tell you to change your mind. I don't know what I would have done without Randi from Carry Your Hearts Events and Maggie from Morning Glory Farm. They handled all the logistics so I could just sit in the bridal suite stress-free and take funny pictures until the ceremony. They also were excellent umbrella escorts!

Photo cred:  Rob+Kristen

After the ceremony, the rain stopped. Not only did it cool down the dry August heat, it also created the perfect lighting for pictures. The photographs we took post-monsoon are some my absolute favorites from the day. I mean, look at the sky. It looks like a painting!

Photo cred:  Rob+Kristen

My dress did get very dirty by the end of a night of dancing. I am not exaggerating when I say it looked like mud ombre at the bottom. Before I unzipped the bag at the dry cleaners, I prefaced with the fact that it rained on my wedding day and I had a really good time. The guy looked down at my mud-stained tulle in awe. The dry cleaning bill wasn’t awesome, but the day is something I would never change.

Photo cred:  Rob+Kristen

Photo cred: Rob+Kristen