How do I address my envelopes?

You've sent the text, “what’s your address?” too many times to count, but you’re finally at the point where it’s time to get those envelopes addressed. Much like wording your invitation, there are many options on how to go about this. If you choose to have your guest’s addresses digitally printed on your envelopes, you will receive a template at the beginning of the design process to get everything organized. When complete, make sure the each guest’s information addresses (pun intended) these two things:

  1. Guest's names written as your wish them to be printed

  2. All names of streets, cities, states, and countries are written out.

There will obviously be some varying situations that you may have questions about. Below are some general rules to follow (or not- because it's your wedding and you can do what you want).

Guest Name Formatting

Married Couple:

Formal: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dwyer  
Formal, but a bit more modern: Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Dwye r

Married same-sex couple, or a married couple who has different last names:

Mr. Joseph Dwyer and Mrs. Mary Sullivan

Unmarried couples who live together (should be listed alphabetically by last name):

Mr. Joseph Dwyer
Mrs. Mary Sullivan


Kiddos under 18 should be listed on their own line below their parent’s name. Technically, all guests over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they share an address with their parents or any family members. To go against that, I think it’s perfectly okay to address your envelope to “The Dwyer Family” and include their individual names on the response cards or inner envelope. But that’s just me! It all depends on your preference and how formal you’d like to be.

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Dwyer
Miss Quinn and Mr. Henry

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary Dwyer
Quinn and Henry

Formal Titles

Formal titles should be included on your envelopes for doctors, judges, military personnel and clergy members. 

International Address

If some of your guests live out of the country, verify with the recipient that their address is formatted properly. You will need additional postage to mail internationally. Make sure you keep the international mail in a different pile to make sure they get the right amount of postage!

Outer vs. Inner Envelopes

If you choose to use the two envelope system, your outer envelope is for mailing. The guests should be referred to by title, first and last name. Titles may be abbreviated, but all other worlds should be spelled out. State names can he written out or written as a two-letter postal code abbreviation. Up to you!

Your inner envelope will hold the invitation suite. On this envelope, goes the title and last names of each individual invited to the wedding. This is where you can make it crystal clear who is invited to the wedding. No address of other information is needed here.

Outer: Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Dwyer
Inner: Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer

Outer: Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer
Inner: Joseph and Mary

More questions about addressing? Feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help!